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400 + days and counting.

When we took our truck back to the manufacturers for some much-needed TLC in February 2023 after spending 2 years on the gruelling African roads, we never expected to be laid up for this long. Still, some cataclysmic errors on behalf of Mercedes meant we were delayed so.


The good news is we are on a countdown to returning to the road again and we can’t wait. (We are not sure of the final dates yet).


Our journey will take us east through Turkey and then a left turn through Georgia and Russia, Kazakhstan and around the Caspian Sea and on maybe to Mongolia before heading back to the Middle East if the political situation allows.


When we have final dates I will be back in touch and we hope to spend a few days near the manufacturer’s factory (Motorcraft Adventure Developments) preparing for our journey.


Our base will be The Scarborough Arms pub car-park in Tickhill, Doncaster and we would be delighted if you are local (or not) and would like to come and say hello.


We will be in touch with specific dates soon and in the meantime. A few memories of Africa as we wonder. Will the next leg be as breathtaking as Africa?


I hope you will continue to read our blog.




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